No God but Social Justice: A new secular religion

In an age where #woke culture looks more and more religious, perhaps its adherents need to play by the same social rules as religions play by.

National University of S________?

"Hi Dear, welcome home. What did you learn in school today?"

5 practical ways you can help the anxious or depressed during COVID-19

You wouldn't tell a cancer patient to just "get over it". Mental health works the same way. If you'd like to help, here's how you can.

Anthea Ong wasn’t correct, but she was right.

COVID-19 has affected Singapore in unprecedented ways, and tensions from circuit breaker measures have led to some unusual situations. One such example is the video of a woman refusing to don a mask by...

Life without BBT can actually be great… for someone else

Many Singaporeans are known to be in love with a certain beverage – Bubble Tea and a certain clown. So great is their craving that in spite of the ongoing inconveniences of social distancing,...

Sceptical of "Progressivism"?

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